TPH-Saneeraus Oy

High-level competence
Our professionals are specialized in chimneys and smoke ducts of energy suppliers and industrial plants. We also offer professional façade inspections and reparations and have special knowledge in culturally protected and listed brick chimneys.


The main activity of TPH-Saneeraus Oy is maintaining, repairing and dismantling of chimneys in industrial plants. We are also specialized in difficult construction, installation and maintenance works situated in high places.


Chimneys and channels

We perform condition surveys, maintenance, reparation and dismantling works for all kind of chimneys – metal, glass fibre, concrete and brick chimneys. The inspection, maintenance and installation of flight obstacle lights and mandatory ladders also form part of our activities. When needed, we also use remote-control helicopters and specialized cameras in condition surveys. Ultrasound measurements for metal chimneys are part of the condition surveys. The surface coating of brick chimneys is our way to protect the listed structures after their reparation.

Long-term maintenance planning is important for us and gives us the opportunity to serve our customers with increased cost-efficiency. Smoke channels and related parts are maintained also in the same way as the chimneys.


Sightseeing towers and water towers

These structures require high-level competence. Our work is often related to public issues, like public health, monuments or communication towers. We have to know and manage the functionalities and content of all the substances, security issues and regulations applicable in each work site. Very often these structures are situated in the middle of populated areas or near to traffic routes, or in places where heavy lifting machinery cannot reach. We know the solutions to these problems and know how the work is done – whatever the challenges are!

We can offer you condition surveys, reparation and maintenance planning – even the comprehensive structure dismantling with safe working methods.


Other services

We perform façade inspections and necessary reparations with high-quality professionalism. Our working methods are very discreet. Usually our service is performed working with ropes. In many occasions the use of lifting equipment and space-consuming scaffolding isn’t cost-effective! We get the job done with light but effective rope methods. That way we don’t disturb the customer’s daily activities. All the façade maintenance and cleaning works are performed effortlessly, including window and roof washing.

If the maintenance or reparation target is situated at a very high altitude, or very deep underground, we can still provide our service with efficiency. During winter time we also offer snow and ice discharging from rooftops. Our staff has all the needed qualifications related to road safety and competence of Metropolitan area road works. Our staff performs out-door maintenance tasks year-round making our customers’ happy.

We also offer occupational safety card trainings.



The roots of our company go back to the 1970s. Our first employees were true pioneers in their field, when the industrial stacks were mainly brick chimneys. Nowadays the important brick chimneys are protected in the city plans, commemorating our industrial tradition. Back in the 1970s occupational safety was an unknown concept, but our employees were truly qualified craftsmen in their field. The traditional working methods and reparation systems form our legacy that we have received from these pioneers. In the course of time we have invested in new working methods focusing on security and we have also developed traditional reparation methods converting them into highly modern methods – without forgetting our traditions!

TPH-Saneeraus Oy started its activities in 1997. Our head office is situated in Helsinki and we also conduct business in Germany and Estonia.

Our company is specialized in service, maintenance, reparation, installation and dismantling works for industrial plants. Our knowhow is focused in chimneys, smoke channels and their related systems. One part of our specialization puts focus in the construction, restoration, installation and maintenance of difficult targets in high places, and also in façade inspections and reparations. For example the jointing of prefabricated units or concrete reparations performed with scaffolds or lifting vehicles is not an economic working method. We can offer a cost-effective alternative for these methods.

Our professionalism, long-term experience, efficient and secure working methods have earned us the satisfaction and trust of our customers. Our working methods are environmentally friendly and we recycle all the possible materials.


Occupational safety is the guiding principle in everything we do. We work with well-known and highly profiled companies where quality and high-level occupational safety are a top priority. With these elements we develop, together with our customers, a safer working place. The development work is continuous, divided in working methods, safety and new reparation methods.

We invest in occupational safety on a yearly basis in the form of personalized trainings and careful maintaining of our personal safety equipment. The internal safety guidelines are updated yearly since there’s always a safer and better way to work. In the development of our equipment we collaborate closely with different Central European providers.

We consider the safety inspections performed by different authorities an important factor. The inspections are increasing and becoming more demanding every year and we actively participate in them. Our company considers these inspections very crucial and our participation offers us also an opportunity to grow and get better.

The development of reparation systems with new, more resistant materials is a very important factor, especially in restoration works. In the field of reparation and maintenance materials Germany occupies a very important role in different activities.


Our satisfied customers can testify how we work:

”During last summer TPH inspected the chimneys and ladders of five different plants. For us, as a customer, the work was done effortlessly and the safety aspects were perfectly complied. The post-inspection reporting was of a very high quality.”
Mika Laine, Production Manager, Suur-Savon Sähkö Oy
”Condition survey in the Näsinneula tower was done concerning concrete structures and metal parts. The roof and the side-plate fixings were also repaired at the same time. These works were performed by TPH-Saneeraus Oy, with whom we have been collaborating regularly and in a planned way since 2007 for the maintenance of the Näsinneula tower. Taking into account the customer’s safety requirements, the works were performed mainly during night-time. This way the works were done efficiently, and what’s more important, securely.

We received a comprehensive report about the current condition of the tower. Based on that report, we were able to elaborate a reparation and maintenance plan for the coming years in collaboration with the maintenance company.”

Tero Patala, Maintenance Manager, Tampereen Särkänniemi Oy


Present days